February 2012

Young Hunting - 'Rust'

A simple melody, a slow build, and some seriously dark lyrics can all be found packaged inside this blossoming anthem. 

Corners - 'The Grave'

I'm reminded of early Pixies tapes when I go through Corners's debut Beyond Way EP. There's a similar sinister mania in these lo-fi garage rock tunes. 

Kevin Greenspon - 'Unveiling'

Gentle, lo-fi haze. Like Eno, but with a little more grit.

It's Raining Janes...hallelujah!!

spotlight on LA group "Raining Jane"

Home grown Los Angeles indie-rockers Raining Jane planted the seed in 1999 in the UCLA music scene and have since cultivated their own unique acoustic sound that has taken their music through three albums, co-writes with Jason Mraz, song placements on television and guest spots on other artists albums.

In 2003 the band kicked off a six-year tour, averaging 120 shows per year opening for the likes of Sara Bareilles. During which time they’ve recorded and released four albums: