January 2012

Freddy Rupert - 'To Hell With This Whole Damn City'

Freddy Rupert's previous band Former Ghosts officially called it quits this past Christmas Day--a shame, considering their record Fleurs remains one of my favorites to come out of California. But their leader isn't quite done making noise. He's just released a new EP that plays on many of the aesthetic choices that made Former Ghosts so appealing as a project. The closer to the Home From The Wars EP immediately stands out as its highlight. Check it out below.

Hopewrecker - 'Planet of the Year'

Layer pop-punk whine over big, chunky power chords. Get irresistible single topped off with the perfect level of snark. Hopewrecker claims to have been born of "restless unemployment and sheer hyperbole". Armed with a fierce sense of humor, these dudes make some fun punk.