December 2011

You Want Some Cheese With That Swank?

The Worlds Most Popular Lounge Singer-Richard Cheese

Not since the days of Bill Murray and old school SNL, turning some oddball songs into lounge tunes has anyone captured the genre like Richard Cheese, the King of Swank.

Heralded as America’s loudest lounge singer and the hardest working Dick in show business; Cheese puts some of the most popular contemporary songs through the “Vegas-inator” and performs them lounge style. He covers rap, rock and Top 40 with his jazz trio “Lounge Against the Machine”.

Cliff Dweller - 'Strange Planet'

Two parts IDM, one part hip-hop, and one part chillwave make for a very fun little track from LA's Cliff Dweller.

Oh Land Comes To La La Land

the Del Rey hosts Oh Land

OH Land Coming to La La Land

The El Rey Theatre hosted a most visually stunning performer on December 16th. Oh Land opened up at 9pm for the all age show.

Nanna Oland Fabricius has always been a visual artist. When writing her music she envisions the distant future mashed together with the classic ghostly sound of the golden age.

Her music and performance not only indulges the pleasure center of your mind but dazzles the eyes with electrical neon tones. She has always been one to push her talents to their extremes giving a quality and dazzling show.

Plant Magic Man - 'Chased By Wild Dogs Near State Prisons'

A glorious trainwreck of a fuzz track reminiscent of some of the Elephant Six collective's dirtier work. Reach in and get your fingers messy while wrangling beauty from the chaos. 

Poppin' It Oldschool....

spotlight on Neverever..

On Monday, December 5th at The Echo Neverever will be appearing with Cold Showers and the Exploding Flowers.

The founding members are husband and wife team Jihae and Wallace Meek. Both were fronts for two different pop bands in the UK, Jihae sang for “The Royal We” and Wallace fronted “Bricolage”. The two met and formed their own band together while living in Glasgow, UK. They’ve now relocated to sunny L.A. and have been taking off ever since on the indie charts.