You Want Some Cheese With That Swank?

You Want Some Cheese With That Swank?

The Worlds Most Popular Lounge Singer-Richard Cheese

Not since the days of Bill Murray and old school SNL, turning some oddball songs into lounge tunes has anyone captured the genre like Richard Cheese, the King of Swank.

Heralded as America’s loudest lounge singer and the hardest working Dick in show business; Cheese puts some of the most popular contemporary songs through the “Vegas-inator” and performs them lounge style. He covers rap, rock and Top 40 with his jazz trio “Lounge Against the Machine”.

Richard Cheese is world renowned and has spent 2011 touring the United States. His music has been featured in the movie “Dawn of the Dead”, NBC television’s “Las Vegas” and “Passions”, Jimmy Kimmel, CNN, Howard Stern, Co-hosted MTV’s “Say What Karaoke?”, Fox and Friends and has been the house band for “Last Call with Carson Daly”.

He made his debut on the recording scene with his first album “Lounge Against the Machine” and he hasn’t stopped there. His other CDs include “Tuxicity”, “I’d Like A Virgin”, “Aperitif For Destruction”, “The Sunny Side of the Moon”, “Viva La Vodka”, “Dick At Nite” and his latest album “OK Bartender”.

Not only has he recorded his own material but he also produced a new album by Johnny Aloha “Lavapalooza”.

Part Sinatra and part Weird Al, there is no end to this man’s talent for the funny. He and his band have sold out shows through the U.S. at such venues as the Hard Rock, House of Blues, The Social and the Red Devil Lounge, and other venues through the world.

“Lounge Against the Machine” features Bobby Ricotta  on keys, Frank Feta on drums and they’ve changed bass players like Lady Gaga changes outfits.

For some unique and jazzed up entertainment, check out the Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine!