Poppin' It Oldschool....

Poppin' It Oldschool....

spotlight on Neverever..

On Monday, December 5th at The Echo Neverever will be appearing with Cold Showers and the Exploding Flowers.

The founding members are husband and wife team Jihae and Wallace Meek. Both were fronts for two different pop bands in the UK, Jihae sang for “The Royal We” and Wallace fronted “Bricolage”. The two met and formed their own band together while living in Glasgow, UK. They’ve now relocated to sunny L.A. and have been taking off ever since on the indie charts.

The Meeks are no strangers to pop, one may call them aficionados of the genre. You can tell as well from their music. They have that perfect blend of 70’s and 80’s pop thrown in with some old school punk and you’ve got Neverever.

Their fist album “Angelic Swells” is that perfect combination of glam pop punk that gives them that one of a kind sound. Put out by Slumberland Records, the album his that tinny A.M. radio sound but beefed up by Jeff Ehrenberg adding depth into that signature sound.

Their first single off the album “Blue Genes” a growing pop song track 2 that is packing the dance floors. “Teardrop Tattoo” has a slice of 60’s girl group inside it with an echoic flare. Neverever takes all their love and influence of old school pop with a taste of 80’s vocalization in the tune “Young Runaways”. “Angelic Swells” is also available on vinyl.

Their studio and their live work is brain candy, ear candy, and eye candy. A melodious mix of all my favorite genres peppered with punk.