Oh Land Comes To La La Land

Oh Land Comes To La La Land

the Del Rey hosts Oh Land

OH Land Coming to La La Land

The El Rey Theatre hosted a most visually stunning performer on December 16th. Oh Land opened up at 9pm for the all age show.

Nanna Oland Fabricius has always been a visual artist. When writing her music she envisions the distant future mashed together with the classic ghostly sound of the golden age.

Her music and performance not only indulges the pleasure center of your mind but dazzles the eyes with electrical neon tones. She has always been one to push her talents to their extremes giving a quality and dazzling show.

Originally a child of Copenhagen, she went to ballet school at the Royal Danish Ballet School. She was raised by creatives which rubbed off on her childhood. Eventually she made her way to Brooklyn, New York where she says most of her musical influences are.

Besides being a song writer she is also a record producer. Her first debut album Fauna, was produced in 2008 by Danish independent label “Fake Diamond Records”. Her self-titled second album Oh Land she produced with members of Depeche Mode and other popular friends. The album helped her debut in the United States through Epic Records.

Overseas and the United States have put her song “Sun of a Gun” in the music charts abroad. The song is off of her second album and played throughout American dance clubs.

Find her online or find her on stage, but be sure to check out her out, if you like Florence and the Machine you’ll love Oh Land.