It's Raining Janes...hallelujah!!

It's Raining Janes...hallelujah!!

spotlight on LA group "Raining Jane"

Home grown Los Angeles indie-rockers Raining Jane planted the seed in 1999 in the UCLA music scene and have since cultivated their own unique acoustic sound that has taken their music through three albums, co-writes with Jason Mraz, song placements on television and guest spots on other artists albums.

In 2003 the band kicked off a six-year tour, averaging 120 shows per year opening for the likes of Sara Bareilles. During which time they’ve recorded and released four albums:

Raining Jane (2001): the bands self-titled debut features their first effort recorded in a garage studio. The sound has a raw edge to it, akin to the likes of The Indigo Girls. There is nothing homogenized on this record and features a cover of Ani DiFranco’s “Both Hands”.

Diamond Lane (2005): a cleaner set after being polished on-tour recorded at Village Recorder in Santa Monica.

Paper Nest (2008): a veteran sound with tight rhythms and soulful melodies.

The Good Match (2011): this album shows their range both artistically and creatively. Each song hits a different emotional string. This features “From Me To You” which they co-produced with Jason Mraz.

The group is headed by Mai Bloomfield, an L.A. native whom was raised on music playing cello orchestra and has played guitar and written songs since her teens. Raised in the mountains of Santa Cruz, guitarist Chaska Potter brings her musical legacy to Raining Jane. Drummer Mona Tavakoli uses her energy and personality to kick the beats supporting her band. Another L.A. native, Becky Gebhardt plays bass, guitar and sitar alongside of songwriting and recording. The band empowers the next generation of musicians with their music camp for girls. Together this mix of home spun musical magic brings out an earthy unique sound that’ll stay in your heart and play in your ears.