Danielle LoPresti and The Masses

Danielle LoPresti and The Masses

No Lack of Talent


Founder and producer of the San Diego Indiefest and Say it Records, Danielle doesn’t just slow down with that. She also fills the boots as lead singer and songwriter of The Masses.

Her sultry voice will turn you on but her lyrics will make you feel bad for feeling the way you do. The music is a mixture of jazz, funk, rock and alternative. A socially conscious theme resonates out of the speakers and into your hearts. They’re not afraid to sing about the controversial issues like: domestic abuse, homosexuality, racism, equal rights, and the roles of women.

Danielle has had the honor of playing with such artists like Jamie Foxx, Metric, Semi Precious Weapons, Beth Hart, David Byrne, Far, Veruca Salt, Cyndi Lauper, Juliette Lewis and En Vogue just to name a few.

Each member of the masses comes to the forefront in their own right. They are:

Alicia Champion-guitar/keyboards/vocals: Owner of Champ Records, Co-founder and Executive producer of the San Diego IndieFest, and senior producer at Durga Sound Studios.

Richard Sellers-drums: winner of the 1980 Louis Armstron Jazz Award and honored as exceptional soloist at the 1983 Fullerton Jazz Festival.

Damien Smith-Lead Guitar: multi-instrumentalist playing since age 4.

Blair Robb-bass: has been creating his own signature bass lines since age 14.

Tonga Ross Ma’u-key boards: influenced by the diverse musical background of his dad’s local band Semisi and FulaBula, he grew up with a variety of styles and honed them into talent you hear and see today.

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You can catch Danielle LoPresti and the Masses Thursday November 10th at the 21st Annual L.A. Music Awards at the Avalon in Hollywood.